New Courts & Tribunals Chief Appointed To Oversee Reforms Is A Woman.

Let’s hope that ‘understanding and listening’ will include our experiences as victims, starfighters, McKenzie Friends, Public Interest Advocates, campaigners and online activists!

Researching Reform

In an increasingly female dominated political landscape, perhaps it’s no surprise that the new Chief Executive responsible for overseeing the modernisation of our Court System is a woman, and she comes to the role with an interesting background.

Susan Acland-Hood may not be a name familiar to most working inside the Justice System, but she’s been advising government ministers on a range of issues, for some time.

As a civil servant private secretary, she covered Home Office and Justice matters. Susan then became former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s adviser (2007-2010), offering him information and guidance on policy and legislation relating to education, skills and families. In a list put together by The Telegraph which sets out Gordon Brown’s top 50 influencers during his time at No.10, Susan was listed at number 43.

After working with Brown, she then went on to head up Enterprise and Growth at HM Treasury

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Veteran #McKenzieFriend Patrick Cullinane RIP

16-11-16-patrick-cullinanePatrick Cullinane RIP

It is with great sadness that we confirm that Patrick Cullinane, the famous Common Law Lawyer, has passed away at the age of 66 years.

Concerned neighbours who had not seen Patrick for a couple of days alerted police to his home last Saturday where he was found deceased from a massive stroke.

Funeral Mass is expected to be in a couple of weeks time at Harrow and he will be buried in Ireland.

The people’s hero. . .

16-11-16-patrick-cullinane-2Patrick Cullinane was considered to be one of the leading activists representing the interests of the people throughout the UK and Ireland. Despite his own longstanding issues involving HMRC, the theft of his home and the determination to expose the establishment, Patrick worked tirelessly in looking after the everyday citizen “24-7-365” and was never afraid of any confrontation with authority – always prepared to stand and be counted, looking after his clients’ interests. He will be missed. Continue reading

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#Victims #Survivors #McKenzieFriends #LitigantsInPerson #Whistleblowers Unite! @MoJGovUK @UKHomeOffice

Seven arrests as a result of having acted as McKenzie Friend have taken their toll on my chronic pain condition: I am effectively housebound.

But yesterday I bundled three events to minimise walking:

  1. Crown Commercial Services had asked techUK members for user feedback so that they could catch up with the Digital Transformation agenda;
    • as a result, I shall help them with the design of making their bidding process more effective;
  2. a couple whose child had been removed and was supposed to be adopted against their will had come from Bournemouth to lodge their permission to appeal;
    • how likely is it to get their child returned??? “We are professional losers,” said this barrister who fled the UK with her two daughters;
  3. a couple whose house was ruined due to a landslide, after a pipe had burst, had asked a McKenzie Friend to help them fight against Northumbria Water, after they spent good money for bad legal services;
    • would he get the ‘Right of Audience’ despite having a ‘Section 42’ label on his record since 1986?

Exceptionally and reluctantly! And because he would not get a cut, if damages were to be awarded. Another tiny victory on one of our battle lines of victims, McKenzie Friends, Litigants In Person (LiPs) and more lately whistleblowers. Continue reading

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#SpiritCooking with the #Clintons: bizarre satanic fetish!? @HillaryClinton @RT_com @AlJazeera

We Who Oppose Deception

10 minutes of shock, horror, deja vu, apathy or roaring fury as armchair activist?

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Police Bail in the Public Debate after Abuse to Cover-Up #ChildAbuse. Unchecked Malpractice? @MoJ @metpoliceuk

15-03-17-home-affairsAfter six arrests since 04 August 2015 I know from experience:

  • from a highly distasteful ‘booking in’ procedure to being released takes at least 10 if not 43 hours;
  • being released means Police can impose ‘bail conditions’ which the ‘arresting officer’ determines;
  • whilst in a cell, doctors deny you the supplement that prevents you from having painful muscular cramps, because they want to get rid of their Paracetamol and pills to ‘calm you’;
  • meanwhile the Crown Prosecution Service [CPS or ‘Clown Prosecution Services’, as has been suggested] decides whether to formulate ‘charges’ or not – possibly based on the results from investigating computers and phones that they ‘seized’;
  • if yes, you are taken to court, possibly in handcuffs, after your walking sticks were taken away;
  • in Court, you are given ‘Court Bail’ which can rectify the ‘Police Bail’ and thus ‘Law Enforcement’ hands over to ‘The Rule of Law’;
  • if you’re acquitted, as two of us were, we should have had our property back: promptly, without having to request it, unbroken, as Sergeant Ward of Holborn Police Station told me that property is SAFE with them;
  • it is apparently very unusual to be imposed a ‘Restraining Order’ after having been found ‘not guilty’; but we deserved this extreme and unusual treatment;
  • unfortunately, our experiences are very far from what is supposed to happen according to the Law and Rule books…

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@AnnieMachon @AGAMovie What do #BillBinney and I have in common? Police Raids! #Whistleblowers Unite!

A Good American is a documentary about crypto-mathematician and expert on metadata Bill Binney who blew the whistle on the NSA. Austrian historian Friedrich Moser wrote, directed and produced it.

The Guardian’s review is about fascinating revelations about NSA’s role in 9/11. Other excellent English and German reviews are on the Facebook page.

Formerly MI5, now using her own intelligence, Annie Machon was there to comment on how ‘corrosive’ it is to experience surveillance and Police raids.

After six arrests, three hate crimes and six court proceedings I can only concur. But

To my computer logic, cover-ups with their attacks on whistleblowers are even more disgusting and immoral than original crimes.

Innocent and moral people don’t need to order Police raids late at night or early in the morning.

Innocent and moral people don’t need to act anonymously or deny interviews.

Moral people do not execute orders that harm others.

On the Facebook page is a review that says the film is about MORALS and MONEY. In other words: which side are we on – Good or Evil? Over and over again. Every day.

Here’s an article about 10 ways You are being Watched, Monitored and Spied On – as the ‘snoopers charter‘ is going through Parliament…

1984, here we come — or will we wake, for pity’s sake?

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@ukHomeOffice @metpoliceUK Sex education to beat Police Corruption? Email to Chair of #Police Commissioners

16 08 02 Vera Baird QCDear Commissioner Baird QC

It is with great interest that I read your call for sex education in The Guardian:

For your interest at the other end of the spectrum, I happen to have put together this list of links regarding police corruption:

I have studied the money system as organiser of the Forum for Stable Currencies at the House of Lords and Commons.

  • Public Credit for Public Purposes is the solution obvious to anybody who looks a bit deeper into what ‘money’ is and how government budgets are used to control a country.

As the Association of McKenzie Friends, we have tried to get children returned after local authorities snatched them from their biological parents:

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