Council Hires Lawyers To Tell Court: Social Workers Do Not Know It Is Wrong To Lie.

How institutions CONSPIRE to lie, cheat and MAKE SURE they get THEIR way…

Researching Reform

In what must be one of the most bizarre child protection cases to date, government officials in America are defending a law suit against them which accuses Orange County’s social workers of lying, falsifying records and concealing evidence, all of which led to the unjust removal of two children from their mother.

The line of defense, put together by a law firm specialising in defending police officers in big money cases, goes like this: the social workers involved in the proceedings couldn’t have “clearly” known that dishonesty wasn’t acceptable in court and, even if they did know, they should remain immune from prosecution because they are government employees.

Even more remarkable still, is that this case has been going on for 16 years.

As it’s Friday, we thought we’d share part of the transcript from the case with you:

Exchanges between panel and Pancy Lin, a partner at Lynberg & Watkins, Oct. 7…

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When HM Inspectorate of Constabularies checks Child Protection: 75% of cases BAD @UKHomeOffice @MoJGovUK

16-12-20-hmic-inspectionsThis 113-page report is based on inspections carried out from February to May 2016. However, inspections did not include Kentish Town, Barnet or Holborn Stations which made me suffer.

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary [HMIC] visited Police in 16 of the 32 London boroughs:

  1. North – Brent, Islington, Haringey, Harrow;
  2. South – Lambeth, Southwark, Bromley, Bexley;
  3. East – Tower Hamlets, Havering, Waltham Forest, Newham;
  4. West – Richmond, Hounslow, Hammersmith and Fulham; and
  5. Central – Westminster.

Published in November 2016, the report received these reviews: Continue reading

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If only… the relevant authorities had listened… @SWEveningPost @SWGuardian #SouthWales

From victim to whistleblower, McKenzie Friend and exposer of white collar crimes…

Peter Bellett - Whistleblower and Victim of Criminals


First he was criminally over-drugged and complained, complained, complained – in letters, a book and on videos:

Did he now commit this act to expose organised white collar crime???

So sad that nobody listened to him…

We would NOT be in this position today, had all the relevant authorities acted as they should have…

Where does the blame lie?

Who’s responsible when victims of white collar crimes don’t get justice???

What has happened so that speaking the truth has become a crime???

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Litigants in Person: lifelong stories of fighting for principles and common sense @MoJUK

Bruce Jones is the freelance author of this article in the Colour Magazine of The Observer: I fought the law: meet the super-litigants. Some people who represent themselves in court spend months, even years, battling for justice. So why do they go on? Here are four who refused to give up 

And they all thought they would get justice!

Once you fall foul of an official body, all the others conspire against you: Peter Oakes

At the beginning I felt bewildered’: Elizabeth Watson at home. Her case file now runs to over 1,000 pages.

I thought if I could prove the police had treated me badly, I could be a vet again’: Maurice Kirk – currently crash landed in Kenya – in a rally from Crete to South Africa in historic planes;

I just wanted them to admit they should never have done it.’ Julia McClaren

Victims learn from experience. If they don’t give up, kill themselves or die, they become

  • litigants in person after feeling let down by the legal profession;
  • starfighters because they want to look at themselves in the mirror;
  • campaigners and activists when they join the dots and spot the pattern of issues at stake – such as the human rights, the right to oral hearings, the right to take notes in public galleries, the right to record hearings, the abuse of Police Bail, the secrecy of family courts;
  • pro bono McKenzie Friends to help others;
  • Public Interest Advocates when they see bigger and bigger pictures and set up Help4LiPs for example.

And here an excellent comment:

Dear Sirs

An article of this nature has been long awaited by the public.Thank you to Mr. Jones for doing a good job, and thank you to the Guardian for publishing. Hopefully, there can be more on the same subject because there are thousands of people who are being cheated and deceived by those involved in every area of the legal system, and the public wants it exposed and stopped.

Terrible things are happening. It is true that these victims of legal dirty tricks are being conspired against. Serious crime is being committed and concealed by corrupt entities in the judiciary and legal system, and every area of public life – notably police and politicians. In the case of real estate theft, the Land Registry is involved up to its neck. As usual, police refuse to investigate, preferring to log simply solved crimes, such as break and enter and assault, to get their figures up. Plebs don’t matter, especially if crimes against them involve complex white collar crime that police are incapable of investigating with the limited unqualified resources that they have. Rather than ask for more resources, I suggest that perhaps they have a sweetheart arrangement with the Home Office and Treasury to the effect that they don’t need to investigate these crimes if they happen to plebs, but only if they happen to the government or a prominent member of society. In return, they are underfunded and allowed not to do their jobs, despite their obligations to the taxpayer and international conventions against serious organised crime that the British government is party to.

There is not even a category for reporting white collar crimes, such as fraud to the National Statistician.

A whistle blower and Nottingham resident who exposed child sexual abuse, Melanie Shaw, has been imprisoned, WITHOUT ANY CHARGES OR COURT HEARING, in Foston Hall, Utoxeter. She has been kept in solitary confinement for seven months, and has no idea why she is there. She is not the only one that has been made to “disappear”. Obviously, a lot of people must be involved in order to do these things to people so completely and covertly.

“If we bring in Melanie Shaw – the very brave whistleblower from Beechwood children’s home. This lady’s crime has been to speak out about her own abuse, and that of hundreds of other children.

She has said, and consistently maintained that children were murdered at Beechwood, and in other children’s homes. She has an excellent memory. We can now say she’s now sixteen weeks into Foston Hall, a Utoxeter Prison. She’s been on remand. Nobody of her close associates and lay legal advisors can get near her. She’s had no visits. She’s been in segregation. And from two brief phone calls she’s said that she’s been threatened by prison staff.

That includes staff in riot gear coming into her cell and threatening rape. And I have to say to our audience today that in making these statements Melanie has been totally measured. She has not appear in court. She’s only been allowed to appear via video link. And she has to endure a court imposed legal team who she’s tried to sack at least once. And that imposed legal team has prevented any contact from the lay legal advisors that Melanie wants to help defend her.”

There are even more horrific stories than this, if you can possibly imagine. We would like to see them published, and trust that you will consider it.

So called “British values” of truth, honesty, integrity, and justice have long been flushed ‘down the toilet’. People are waking up to this fact, and are becoming aware of what goes on behind the scenes in the murky world of officialdom. Mr. Jones and the Guardian have shown sensitivity to the public mood, perhaps because of public sympathy for Assange, Snowden, and Manning, and the public’s demand for truth. Rachel Oldroyd of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism recognised that the media has been deaf to the public mood and that the media got it wrong about Trump: So far, most mainstream media has been operating with blinkers on. Thousands of people write to the media every day about the kind of injustices covered in Mr. Jones’ article and, apart from his article and the two articles by Mr. Phillip Inman concerning the conspiracy against the late Patrick Cullinane, virtually no truth-revealing articles are published in the mainstream media unless they are on the side of those conspiring against these people. Please see this excellent article by Phillip Inman

The government is doing everything possible to prohibit freedom of speech and, despite the Leveson Inquiry’s adverse effect on journalism, journalists have been slow to realise that they are being squeezed out. In many cases, social media is doing a better job and gaining professionalism as it goes.

The people want truth, justice, and exposure of corruption, which is rife in public life. Corruption and lack of government concern for the ordinary people – the 99% – is rapidly taking society back to Dickensian times. The government will have to pay the piper, even if it means bloodshed. Enough is enough.

Thank you again for this article. We would like to see a regular column about injustice and corruption, and do hope you will please consider it. I can put you in touch with victims. For more information on Melanie Shaw and those who are silencing her and trying to break down her mental health, please contact Brian Gerrish, who is copied into this email (above).

Yours sincerely,


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Court Cases while flying the length of Africa in 1940s plane #MauriceKirk

In the top 1% of the population with his IQ; over 500 court appearances and now flying the length of Africa, after a solo flight to Australia. Nobel Prize for Eccentricity?

Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police

david-gareth-evansTHE SUN publishes: Pensioner trying to fly length of Africa in 1940s plane crashes – and ends up in police cell.

That’s where Maurice must have composed this:

Crown Prosecutor who knew all along one cannot be goaled for harassment if preventing or detecting crime…..six Cardiff judges all in on the act.

Dr Tegwyn Williams  WANTED

Welsh Area HMC&TS Manager,


South Wales                                                                                                                         3rd December 2016

Dear Mr Strinati,

Re South Wales Police Harassment

I last saw you frantically removing chairs from my Nov 2011 Cardiff magistrates court to prevent the likes of Patrick Cullinane Esq et al from being allowed to witness the daily inherent deceit I and my family had suffered in no less than 500 court appearances, to date. You, I am told, orchestrated my nearly being registered as a ‘vexatious litigant’ until Home Office in London blocked it as an abuse of…

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Desperately Seeking: Police #Whistleblowers on #ChildSexualAbuse @MetPoliceUK @UKHomeOffice

Fabulous Cathy Fox publishes this amazing blog with Reports on Child Abuse.

And she has made 300 Freedom of Information Requests!

The most recent one, on top of the list, is Police Whistleblowers on Child Sexual Abuse, following the publication of the above video.

Here are her questions with the answers she got:

“Could you send me any lines prepared, to give to the press when the Met
is asked about this.”

  • No press lines were prepared in relation to this matter.

“Has Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the present head of London’s Metropolitan
Police as Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis been made aware of this

  • No.

“What is the most senior rank to be made aware of this video?”

  • The Deputy Commissioner is aware of the existence of the video.

“What is the Met Police procedures for whistleblowers?” Continue reading

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When Public Interest Solicitor Fights the Law Society and Justice Committee @MoJGovUK @UKHomeOffice #Brexit

This remarkable publication in the Public Interest comes in the spirit of Suzon Forscey-Moore RIP who examined UK law practices as an American lawyer. I also remember the video of one victim whose anger pushed him to damage the Law Society’s company sign, I think. I certainly remember him starting with “What would drive a law abiding citizen to…”

From Miss Anal Sheikh to

  1. Mr Barry Gardiner MP, Brent North,
  2. Vote Leave Campaign Committee Members[1],
  3. Supreme Court Justices

Dear Mr Nigel Farage and Mr Robert Neill MP



My name is Miss Anal Sheikh.  I am  a solicitor of some twenty years standing.   In the case of  Anal Sheikh v Law Society HC 2005 Ch ,   I became the first solicitor in  legal history to have succeeded in an application against the Law Society to set aside an intervention  into a solicitor’s practice under Part II of the Schedule to the Solicitor’s Act 1974  (or what everyone mistakenly believed was an intervention under Part II of the Schedule to the Solicitor’s Act 1974) .  I assert I am a still a solicitor. The UK Government in the case of  Anal Sheikh v UK Government  [2010] ECHR 649 (23 April 2010) 51144/07  and  Ref 28863/11 agreed with me. The Law Society disagrees with me, disagrees  with Parliament and disagrees with the UK Government.

My conflict with the Law Society has given me a unique experience of the workings of  the Establishment; and the  true extent of the unfettered power and influence it wields  in the UK.

Attached are two documents which I have lodged in the Supreme Court, and which I believe will be of interest to Mr Farage as a Brexit supporter. Continue reading

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