@coe @MoJGovUK #LeaveEU guilty of #dishonesty of industrial scale – in context of Global #Capitalism

The University of Liverpool has a website dedicated to the EU Referendum:

My email to the President of the EU Parliament is on

A day after the Referendum, grand old thinker Noam Chomsky talks at the New York Public Library here about the Economic Collapse – in dialogue with former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis:

  • economics is a religion with equations
  • 40:55 the Eurozone is a carbon copy of the Gold Standard in the 1920s
  • 42:30 the Eurogroup doesn’t exist in law
  • how I came to understand that this is a PARALEGAL group: the IMF is part of decision making meeting
  • he talks about ‘predatory financialisation’ and Noam Chomsky talks about a ‘global assault on democracy’ – the citizens in a national state have nothing to say.

He advocates Democratising Europe.

Professor Dougan does NOT consider ‘money’ as the underlying principle of Sovereignty and Seignorage – a Legal Privilege and Financial Mechanism for Nation States. He explains: Continue reading

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Interesting Bills Making Their Way Through Parliament

The underlying agenda is becoming clearer and clearer…

Researching Reform

We’ve just spotted some very interesting new Bills going through Parliament at the moment, many of which focus on children and families, and thought we would share them with you.

First up is the Registration of Marriage Bill, which has been put forward by a group of Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem politicians. There is no text for the Bill available yet, so it’s not clear what the Bill seeks to achieve, but we did wonder whether it had anything to do with the excellent Equal Civil Partnerships movement, which seeks to make civil marriages available to opposite sex couples (it is currently only available to same sex couples). The Bill had its first reading yesterday, and will hold the next reading on 21st October. We have emailed the Bill’s sponsor to ask for a copy of the Bill and will publish the text once we get permission.

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@MoJGovUK #Victims and #Whistleblowers Unite in Maidstone @ Mote Park Leisure Centre Sat 18 June at 7.30pm

16 06 15 MaidstoneThis event is organised by Yolande Kenward who has been helping many victims of the courts as a McKenzie Friend.

With the email below, she invites members of the Judiciary to an event she’s organising next Saturday.

Here’s the programme:

Educational Talks & Videos about what goes on in Maidstone 18.6.2016

This event is to educate the people of Maidstone/Kent as to what your council tax is being used for as well as to raise money for the Patient Support Trust to reduce the risks for patients and children.  To attend the event starting at 7.30pm on 18.6.2016 please make a payment of £6 per person to a Metro Bank account that I set up yesterday solely for the purpose of this event whilst a business account is being set up ie  Mrs Y A Kenward Sort Code 23-08-80  Account number 20258217. I will check online to compile a list of attendees for the event.

Due to the short notice some speakers will only be represented by videos – indicated by *.

1   Introduction by Yolande Kenward re the founding of the Patient Support Trust in 2000

2   My medical accident in the BMI Somerfield Hospital and a £6.6bn profit (YK) Continue reading

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@MoJGovUK @NormanScarth #Orwell + #Stalin + #Hitler [+ #Kafka]

Norman ScarthHe used to whisper to horses, after he ‘served the country’ by killing fellow soldiers in WWII.

He suffered soo much as a victim of ‘The State’ of his country that he fled to Ireland where he recently celebrated his 90th birthday.

He also became more and more eloquent and ‘to the point’, as he puts so FABULOUSLY here:

To Judge Robin Callender Smith.

16 05 28 Norman ScarthIn the matter of Scarth v
Information Commissioner, case EA/2014/0042.


I wish to thank you for your interjection (after I had been speaking for barely 5 minutes) at the Telephone Conference Hearing on 24th May 2016, when you said, “Get to the point Mr Scarth.”

Those six words were most helpful to me.   Continue reading

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@MoJGovUK STOP #Fraud on the #Court in the UK: abuse of courts for criminal purposes

16 09 06 Stop the FraudOnce again, you can only believe it when it happens to yourself or someone you know and therefore BELIEVE:

  • first, victims discover that ‘courts’ are anything but places where ‘justice’ is delivered;
  • then, they discover that courts are being abused for the purpose of legitimising criminal activities; 
  • then you you try to make sense and realise the differences between reality and ‘make believe’ and that we must oppose deception.

David Fabb was one of the early ‘big bankruptcies’ with which we approached the then Minister of Justice Kenneth Clarke.

Now his experiences contributed to this petition:

The explanation is:

Fraud on the Court involves serious organised criminal activities such as:

1 – Court’s proceedings created without payment of the court’s fee to start fraudulent claims;

2 – Production of fake warrants and bogus court’s orders obtained in full abuse of court’s process;

3 – Unlawful evictions and dispossession of families’ homes and assets often conducted using violence by private debt collector companies against innocent victims; Continue reading

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Save @NormanScarth #WWII Veteran and #McKenzieFriend from CPS, WYP and ICO

16 05 28 Norman ScarthNorman Scarth was a remarkable horse whisperer and has recently celebrated his 90th birthday in Ireland. He fled his native country to be safe from another period in prison or mental hospital, where his enemies would like to see him – for no good reason at all – except negative attitudes such as abuse of power and position – “because they can.”

In this online petition directed at the Prime Minister, Alan Dransfield is asking for a Public Inquiry into the Information Commissioner’s Office [ICO], West Yorkshire Police [WYP] and the Crown Prosecution Service [CPS] regarding Norman’s appalling treatment.

Norman’s experiences are in one life what I’ve observed in soo many victims who had to act as Litigant in Person [LiP] because the legal profession was not supportive. As a result, they became starfighters, campaigners, McKenzie Friends, McKenzie Angels, activists and Public Interest Advocates. Hence these responses to the Judiciary’s Consultation about reforming the courts’ approach to McKenzie Friends.

  • The biggest betrayal is surely to be let down by your employer after having fought a war – but Norman is far from being alone;
  • Police staff are exploited similarly, I hear – yet only a few dare to come out or leave;
  • the abuse of psychiatry in the UK legal system has just been presented at a conference by poisoned pilot Len Lawrence from personal experience;
  • it takes one to know one: Norman’s McKenzie Friend Alan Dransfield has been challenging the Information Commissioner’s Office over and over again, as documented on his blog and discussed on this post; he defends the Freedom of Information Act as our critical tool as legal remedies against national authorities have been removed from the Human Rights Act [Article 13];
  • but it takes a lot of personal experience to believe what is “too bad to be true”: deep corruption of professional oaths, spiritual values, morals or ethics.

Is the decency of humanity at stake? In the UK more than elsewhere? Continue reading

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Social media’s corrosive effect on UK Monarchy’s legitimacy

Philosophical Politics

Map of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and... Map of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in comparison to the European Union and Continental Europe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since 2008, Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) has opened up a number of public inquiries into long running scandals that have been a cause of public anger. For decades, HMG resisted such calls. The official story had closed these events and rendered a verdict. Yet, the public were not satisfied. Then, starting around 2010 the government started to address these long simmering issues.

Each of these issues involves state bodies or its agents. They point directly to failures by the government or its agents. They point to abuse of power. Most importantly, they point to grave injustices.

Is the regime founded in consent or coercion?

All regimes are based on a mix of consent and coercion. No regime is based solely on consent and no regime is based…

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