Peter Hofschroers Unlawful Arrest Update 1

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

Victims, whistleblowers and ‘online exposers’, UNITE!!!

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I have placed first the updated post which ws updated later the same day 4 Dec, as the readership of the outdated post from earlier that day got far greater readership than the updated one. The original post is now below this.

Peter Hofschroers Unlawful Arrest Update 2

It is believed that Peter Hofschroer has been set up with false charges, to stop him carrying on with his private criminal court case against his mothers abductors, and to draw attention from the real criminals who abducted his mother and who are intertwined with those who frustrated justice by hiding Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconellis crimes.

Peter Hofschroer is supported by people who have a long history of anti child abuse campaigning and childrens rights campaigning, and do not believe the fabricated charges against him are in any way true.

North Yorkshire Police refused for 3 days to even confirm if…

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WANTED: Romanian victims of #ChildSnatchUK and #ForcedAdoption for #EU efforts

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Oana Florea, Nils Leffler, Sabine McNeill, Mina Petrucci, Terence Ewing

Mina Petrucci (Bulgaria), Nils Leffler (Germany), Sabine McNeill (German in UK), Oana Florea (Romanian), Terence Ewing (UK)

Mina Petrucci,

Mina Petrucci,

Oana Florea,

In our attempts to draw attention to the plight of the some 1,000 families who are getting torn apart every month in the UK, I’m on “Brussels III”, i.e. my third trip to this remarkable complex of individuals and organisations, attempting to capture and live the Spirit of Europe – so admirably expressed by the Ode of Joy.

And in the spirit of net-working that I breathe in and out, I met a Romanian solicitor who appreciates what we’re going through. She has asked for Romanian victims to come forward. Please email me details on sabine AT

Regarding the purpose of my trip, a meeting with the Fundamental Rights and Rights of the Child Unit of the European Commission, the photo omits Latvian Tatjana Zdanoka MEP

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IRELAND will rise and topple these traitors who practise profit and preach austerity

As the source wrote:

Please share this – it is pure genius through poetry and applies 100% the same to the UK as to Ireland…. please circulate this, its’ great

rise up, people, rise up!  Shake off the apathy and claim back your power against the oppressors who are trying to rob us of our homes, our money, our family life, our kids, our rights, our jobs, our health  & happiness…..stand up to the mindless criminals who are committing financial genocide.

The above 7-minute video is on

The Right to Water campaign on 10 December is on

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TURNING the TABLES: Accused man threatens prosecutors with arrest at court

20141204_141448How long are victims expected to remain victims?

How long do judges expect to get away with hiding behind ‘contempt of court‘ while seriously harassing victims of a system of white collar criminals?

How long will judges continue to legitimise crimes instead of going into early retirement and compensating victims?

These two wigged heads hang in the Library of the EU Parliamentary building. Do they indicate the past of modern judges abusing historical and traditional privileges? Or have judges always been more bad than good in this adversarial system? Why did Dickens have to write Bleak House???

Here the Hereford Times briefly reports about Guy Taylor:

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CRIMINAL @NYorksPolice in action: #Lies, #Violence, #Greed and #RuleOfMoney

Truth doesn’t permit lies. But North Yorkshire Police even travels to Austria to commit crimes and produce lies: dropping pornographic images on the computer of innocent people is one preferred message as a way to get victims who stand up for themselves behind bars.

The Press reports: Indecent images case!

Here’s the excellent background: Judges and Police in Yorkshire set up Peter Hofschrör because he refused to keep quiet about Savile, child sex and corrupt Police and Judges


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25th ANNIVERSARY of UN Convention on #ChildRights triggers #EU_Resolution

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14 11 24 EPRS Child RightsHere’s is the Parliamentary Question raised by German Axel VOSS MEP on 16 October 2014 and here is the text for the Draft Motion of a Resolution – with my highlights – in the Plenary Sitting that has been postponed due to a no confidence vote in EU Commissioner Juncker.

In my view, the following is relevant to the UK in the Resolution regarding the 25th anniversary of the UN Convention on Child Rights:

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RESPONSE comes to the rescue once again – to prevent #unlawful #eviction

Originally posted on Mr Gedaljahu Ebert - Bankrupted Fraudulently without Jurisdiction:

This is a remarkable RESPONSE network of ‘ad hoc rescuers’ or ‘Hometown Heroes‘:

RESPONSE came to help Mr Ebert who had been unlawfully evicted once before, exemplifying the white collar crimes that ‘professionals’ are capable of. But who cares?

Here’s the video of the successful protection of innocent victims of the institutionalised collusion between white collar criminals:

Here’s the press release that RESPONSE issued:

And here are two photos of the event: 14 11 20 Mr Ebert14 11 20 Mr Ebert eviction 114 11 20 Mr Ebert eviction 2

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