@MoJGovUK Judge admits #ForcedAdoptions higher in #UK than other #EU countries

The legal minefield of Europe’s non-consensual adoptions –
how ‘forced adoptions’ became ‘topical’ in the EU Parliament

This 6-minute video was published by European Parliament TV on 04 February 2016.

To illustrate the problems rather than find answers on behalf of the children, is typical for politicians and ‘paper people’, while everybody is ‘just doing their job’, when Police are taking those children that Social Services tell them to take. Once they are gone, it is virtually impossible to get them back via the courts.

Covering-up crimes is worse than committing crimes, I am told…

But to go forward, we produced Children’s Right First for Jeremy Corbyn MP.

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The Fall of Scotland Yard

cathy fox blog

The Fall of Scotland Yard by Barry Cox, John Shirley and Martin Short [1] details the corruption in the Metropolitan Police which led to 3  police internal inquiries in the early to mid 1970s.

It is necessary to look at police corruption

  1. to find out the relationship between the Customs, who are becoming essential to the Playland situation [2] , and the Police at the time. The DCI Victor Kelaher case producing an ugly stand off between the two law enforcement agencies
  2. to assess whether the Police corruption affected the child abuse, detection and conviction of criminals at Playland and Piccadilly [3].

This will be discussed in future post, but here are included some extracts from the book relevant to the corruption, child abuse or the Piccadilly area.

1. “Times Inquiry” led to 2 detectives imprisoned in 1972. DCS Bill Moody (later jailed himself for corruption) led this inquiry…

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Northampton county court admisson.

Parents Rights Blog

No judges or anyone legally trained. Shocking. What happened to a fair trial ?

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.youtube.com

The Court staff arw supposed to give you guidance.

See on Scoop.itXpose Corrupt Courts

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@MoJGovUK To Leave the #EU or to Remain in the EU – is that the question? Rule of Law vs Rule of Money and Lust for PaedoSex

To leave the EU or not to leave the EU – is that the question? BBC published this analysis about migration, benefits, sovereignty, competitiveness, protecting non-euro countries, security of the ‘EU deal’. But are these the issues?

The Rule of Law

What if Articles 1 and 13 of the EU Convention of Human Rights were implemented in the UK version of the Human Rights Act?

  • Article 1 makes all articles ‘binding’ “within their jurisdiction”;
  • Article 13 guarantees an ‘effective remedy‘ before national authorities.

If the articles were included, we would be able to sue:

We would not have had to petition Continue reading

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Rotherham MP, Sarah Champion launches campaign to prevent child abuse

Rotherham Politics

Rotherham MP, Sarah Champion launches campaign to prevent child abuse

On Tuesday 19 January, Sarah Champion MP, Shadow Minister for Preventing Abuse and Domestic Violence, will be launching Dare2Care, a campaign aimed at preventing child abuse.

A website – the first of its kind – created with industry experts, will go live on the day of the campaign launch to provide a hub for people to share their experiences as well as offer resources to support young people, professionals and parents.

Sarah said:

“The horror and scale of child exploitation has shocked me to the core, and I have become increasingly frustrated that we only seem to act once the crime has been committed.  I believe it is time to lead the cultural fightback, starting with Dare2Care, to make sure that all children are properly supported and informed to prevent abuse happening.”

Dare2Care will be a national campaign, bringing…

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@MoJGovUK When Court Orders are Void. What ‘fundamental defects’ do we find?

This blog post about void court orders was brought to my attention and quotes not only critical principles, but also relevant case law:

A void order does not have to be obeyed because, for example, in Crane v Director of Public Prosecutions [1921] it was stated that if an order is void ab initio (from the beginning) then there is no real order of the Court.

A void order results from a ‘fundamental defect’ in proceedings:

  • a fundamental defect in proceedings will make the whole proceedings a nullity;
  • a nullity cannot be waived;
  • it is never too late to raise the issue of nullity; and
  • a person affected by a void order has the right – ex debito justitiae – to have it set aside.

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UK Insurance Companies Covering Up Child Abuse Since 1996?

Researching Reform

When news broke last year that local authorities had been caught trying to suppress evidence of child abuse to avoid losing insurance cover should they have found themselves having to compensate victims, the public and the media started to look at how insurance companies in these situations were behaving, too.

A BBC investigation observed that insurance companies were placing pressure on councils to make it increasingly difficult for victims of sexual abuse to seek justice, not just in the present, but stretching back several years.

That this behaviour has a long history to it, is even greater cause for concern. We know this kind of behaviour stems back at least as far as 1996, when MP Rhodri Morgan exposed insurance companies Zurich Mutual and Municipal’s threats to withdraw insurance if independent reports outlining abuse in care in Wales, were published.

As of yet, there has only been one inquiry into how…

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