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Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

Support via the net! I just wish the issue wasn’t as serious as to require this kind of supportive action…

Originally posted on Whistleblower Kids in the Court of Public Interest:

Veteran campaigner Maggie Tuttle who founded Children Screaming to be Heard is begging for support, as she’s lost belief in anything surrounding the Government.

Belinda McKenzie is advocating a ‘pro child’ attitude among Parliamentarians.

  • She wrote this letter to the High Court Judge where she had been in court as McKenzie Friend, as long as the mother was there herself.

Sid Hingerty has been walking against child abuse since he set off in Scotland quite some time ago. He’s on his third walk, based on personal experiences of friends we’ve been describing on

Regarding the two Whistleblower Kids, please sign and share the petition www.tinyurl.com/savethewhistleblowerkids.

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Dear #CEO of #BarnetCouncil, consider #returning #WhistleblowerKids in light of #EUDirective

Dear Mr Travers

This comes to you in the wake of telephone conversations between my solicitor Mr Aseem Taj and Colindale Police, regarding the online exposure of the concealment of serious crimes against children in LB Camden. It involves several of your agencies and employees.

I am accused of having published a document that I categorically deny. I was always following a lawful course of action to get two children returned to their Russian mother and grandparents, after Barnet Police took them on 11 September 2014.

Against me, a supposed ‘warrant for arrest’ was followed by ‘wanted for discussion’ and ‘bail conditions’. This perversion of justice is an abuse of power and position and misconduct in public office. For it is clear that this 8-year-old boy and his 9-year-old sister are two of some 20 children who have been suffering regularly from 60 or 70 adults, not counting the murders of babies allegedly having taken place.

In December 2014, I brought the ‘whistleblower kids’ to the attention of all councillors with a link to the same videos with which I also alerted the Home Secretary. After the mother’s issues were ignored by Dame Anna Pauffley in the High Court, an internet explosion should have ensured that you got an email every time somebody signed the petition “Return the Whistleblower Kids and Abuse Survivors to their Russian Family”. The popular response proves the veracity of the children’s allegations, even though they sound soo un-believable to normal human beings. Continue reading

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INNOCENCE DESTROYED: #whistleblowerkids threatened to be killed – film maker killed

15 02 12 1600 SupportersThe Local Borough of Barnet is part of everybody who wants to make you believe that ‘white’ is ‘black’ and ‘black’ is ‘white’. First they claimed that it is in the ‘best interest’ of a 4-year-old to be separated from his mum for ever, from one day to the next. Then they put him up for adoption but find he’s not adoptable, so he stays with his foster parents instead of finding a new set of adults to adjust to.

Meanwhile the US mother had spent some 18 months in prison and got deported so can’t enter the UK any more… That was Melissa Laird who experienced bullying, intimidation and harassment not only from Barnet’s Legal and Social Services but also HMP Holloway.

Now we have the drama of Russian mother Ella Draper who had two children with a UK man and suffered his domestic violence with 5 police call-outs and 3 reports. But that was NOT taken into account by Judge Vera Mayer when she gave weekly contact to the father and fortnightly contact with the mother.

For some smart criminals had it all sussed out: the mother and her partner should be framed to be the criminal abusers, not the father.  We have seen that more than once before: when mothers report abusive fathers, they lose their children. Continue reading

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POLICE PROTECTION of Paedophiles – déjà vu before Parliament in Australia in 1993

 15 02 06 NSW Police ProtectionThe parallels with the reluctance, embarrassment and necessity regarding the National Inquiry into Sexual Abuse are pretty obvious:

These pages from Hansard, the official record of the Australian Parliament, should also have been printed in London at the time:

“I move the notified motion, as amended by leave:

(1) That this House calls upon the Government to immediately establish a Judicial Inquiry into the paedophilia networks in this State

(2) That the inquiry shall also report inter alia on all the circumstances surrounding:

(a) the Seabeach case;

(b) police paedophile protection rackets;

(c) the effectiveness or otherwise of all relevant New South Wales Government Departments in dealing with matters concerning paedophile activity.

(3) That the judicial inquiry have due regard to matters before the courts. Continue reading

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WHEN is it ok to Remove a Child from its Birth Parents? Council of Europe debate in April

The report Social Services in Europe: legislation and practice of the removal of children from their families in Council of Europe member states has been written by Duma member Olga Borzova for the Council of Europe Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development.

It is based on a previous motion for resolution: The abuse by social services of member States of the Council of Europe of their authority to remove children from their parents’ custody of October 2012.

It will be debated at the next Plenary Session in Strasbourg in April. Its summary says:

Children have the right

  • to be protected from all types of violence, abuse and neglect.

But children also have the right

  • not to be separated from their parents against their will, except when the competent authorities determine that such separation is necessary for the best interests of the child.

Continue reading

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RETURN #WhistleblowerKids and #AbuseSurvivors of London School to their Russian Family!

This excellent video used to feature on the petition to Return Abuse Survivor Kids of London School to their Russian Family. I published it to get emails to

  • The Ministry of Justice – The Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP
  • The Chief Executive of the London Borough of Barnet – Andrew Travers
  • The President of the Family Division – Sir James Munby.

Each in their own way could make the difference needed: to allow the 8-year-old boy and the 9-year-old girl to go home to their Russian mum and their Russian grandparents. The stories they shared not only with their family but also official Police interviewers are horrendous. But their videos are entirely believable. Except we mustn’t share them!

Who benefits?

  • The father who is the leader of a ‘strange culture’ as his son says on one of the videos.
  • Barnet Police who closed the case with ‘crime not confirmed’.
  • Metropolitan Police who responded to our Letter before Claim by contacting two Councils who launched legal proceedings.
  • Barnet Council who obviously don’t want to be seen to be involved in organised Child Sexual Abuse
  • the school and church with their accused staff
  • all other abusers…
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#PoliceState in action: abusing #elderly in prison and #children in care

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

You can’t make it up!

Originally posted on Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police:

In my utter exasperation and despair, I just emailed the supporters of our online petition to Release Maurice from which ever prison he is being held, for he is in mortal danger.

Last night I was similarly exasperated because the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee takes it for granted that the number of children taken into care is going to increase.

What is worse: killing the elderly or abusing children???

Here’s what I wrote to Austin Mitchell MP regarding Children in Care – the oral evidence session in Committee Room 15 on Monday:

It was with delight that I saw the agenda of the Public Accounts Committee on Monday and that you’re a member!

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