25th ANNIVERSARY of UN Convention on #ChildRights triggers #EU_Resolution

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14 11 24 EPRS Child RightsHere’s is the Parliamentary Question raised by German Axel VOSS MEP on 16 October 2014 and here is the text for the Draft Motion of a Resolution – with my highlights – in the Plenary Sitting that has been postponed due to a no confidence vote in EU Commissioner Juncker.

In my view, the following is relevant to the UK in the Resolution regarding the 25th anniversary of the UN Convention on Child Rights:

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RESPONSE comes to the rescue once again – to prevent #unlawful #eviction

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This is a remarkable RESPONSE network of ‘ad hoc rescuers’ or ‘Hometown Heroes‘:

RESPONSE came to help Mr Ebert who had been unlawfully evicted once before, exemplifying the white collar crimes that ‘professionals’ are capable of. But who cares?

Here’s the video of the successful protection of innocent victims of the institutionalised collusion between white collar criminals:

Here’s the press release that RESPONSE issued:

And here are two photos of the event: 14 11 20 Mr Ebert14 11 20 Mr Ebert eviction 114 11 20 Mr Ebert eviction 2

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#MONEY: deadly weapon as #MoneyCreation is discussed by MPs

Today is the day that the Backbench Committee has put Money Creation and Society on its agenda – thanks to Positive Money – the ‘next generation’ campaigning group of what we discussed in the House of Lords and Commons since 1998 as the Forum for Stable Currencies.

The video below shows how paid professionals and politicians abuse their power to decide over the financial fate of disabled people (and others): http://www.cloudzilla.to/embed/64Z3EI1VUEEUVW5M4KILJYHFU/

Please note the Early Day Motions that Austin Mitchell MP has tabled since 2002 about this topic!

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#HumanRights Issues become #HumanDuties: in the name of Defenceless Children and Intimidated Parents

Searching BBC News for ‘child abuse’ results in these articles. My selection are these to paint a ‘critical picture’, as I’m preparing follow-ups from my last trip to Brussels. There, a Polish mum addressed the Committee on behalf of ‘defenceless children’ and ‘intimidated parents’. Intimidation takes place via threat with prison. And already in 2006, Harriet Harman MP admitted that 200 parents a year are being imprisoned through the secrecy of family courts.

Last night I spoke with a ‘process server’ who had a ‘package’ for me. She claimed that by opening the envelope from a firm of solicitors in Milton Keynes and by reading a ‘Reporting Restriction Order’ about a case I never heard of, I was ‘served’ with this ‘package’ that I refused to accept… Gagging is one of the characteristics that make the UK unique among European countries. That’s why parents were punished for going to Brussels and that’s why other Parents fight British social services ‘gag’ to petition European Parliament.

Can you join the dots between

10 Nov 2014: Timeline: 1980s child abuse allegations – The key events that led to the launch of two reviews into the way allegations of child abuse were handled in Westminster and wider society.

10 Nov 2014: Why the historical child abuse inquiries are in the news – There have been claims for many years about paedophiles in powerful places and establishment attempts to cover-up their actions.

18 Nov 2014: Organised child sex abuse ‘widespread in England’, MPs say – MPs said Rotherham Council’s child protection policies were “divorced from reality” – Organised child sex abuse is widespread in England, a report by MPs on the Rotherham exploitation scandal says.

19 Nov 2014: Councils leaving children at sex-abuse risk, says Ofsted – The Ofsted report comes against a backdrop of allegations over organised child abuse and exploitation – Vulnerable children in England are at risk of sexual exploitation and abuse because of council failures, the children’s services watchdog has said.

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TO GAG or not to gag: The Hon. Mr Justice Peter Jackson teaches Medway Council a lesson

Well, that’s a wise judgement in response to a knee jerk reaction by Medway Council. Why on earth do they think they can keep trying to exert their power and abuse it? Who do they think they are?

There’s a father who melts by just looking at his son and a council that tries its best to sever that link and interrupt the boy’s development in school, synagogue, at home and abroad! They want his passport next, would you believe it!? “In the best interest of the child!?” It depends who decides, said Renate Weber MEP from Romania when we were with the Petitions Committee on 11/11/14!

Here’s the article in The Telegraph: Parents fight British social services ‘gag’ to petition European Parliament – Britain’s social services “unique” in EU for “threatening and bullying” of parents who speak out against forced adoption of their children, say MEPs.

Before Mr Justice Peter Jackson on 14.11.14

No order on the application by Medway County Council for a Reporting Restriction Order.

Jackson J noted as follows (to be recorded on the court file):

  1. I can see no matter for thisto be a without notice application to the other parties in the care proceedings.2. The Local Authority appears to have made no effective effort to follow the Practice Direction by giving reasonable notice to the media.

    3.  I don’t wish to prejudice what appears to be a supposition that for any publicity to be attached to a child is itself harmful.

    4.  I saw this morning the papers sent to my clerk after 6pm yesterday. I wonder if this application is a wise initiative on behalf of the Local Authority.

    5. If an application for a Reporting Restriction Order is made – it should be properly made, on proper notice and so that all matters can be tested.

    6. I say nothing about the current proceedings at Tunbridge Wells. This is entirely a matter for the Judge there as to whether there are welfare concerns for the child but I express that it’s further a matter for that Judge to enforce rules as to confidentiality of documents.

    7. It is the court process not the facts that is privileged. Furthermore, it is for the media to express a concern at being served an order that prevents somebody from speaking to them and being expected to comply with this as if it were a Reporting Restriction Order.

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#EP_Petitions in Brussels on #ForcedAdoption and #ChildSnatching in UK

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Here is the recording of my presentation and the subsequent comments by MEPs who are members of the Petitions Committee, starting at 16.13:00 and lasting until 16.44:00.

And here is the article by the resident Telegraph reporter Bruno Waterfield: Parents fight British social services ‘gag’ to petition European Parliament: Britain’s social services “unique” in EU for “threatening and bullying” of parents who speak out against forced adoption of their children, say MEPs.

But do also watch the three individual petitioners who follow!

Chairperson Cecilia Wikstrom from Sweden

The Chairperson Cecilia WIKSTROM from Sweden closed by wanting to address the issue “With our brains cool, but our hearts warm.” However, she cut me short after 5 of my 12 slides.

But the Commission offered the meeting that I asked for as a solution, even though they don’t have the budget to pay for travelling.

The following MEPs made very relevant points to…

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@BBCNewsnight 02/07/14: #LeonBrittan @SimonDanczuk @MegMunnPM @TimLoughton http://bit.ly/10AeU4g

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The internet suspends time: everything past becomes the ‘eternal Now’.

I never saw this BBC Newsnight programme on 02 July 2014 that was recorded before the National Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse was announced.

I find it even more significant now than then:

  1. 144 complaints against the late Cyril Smith
  2. Simon Danczuk MP at the forefront of the Magnificent Seven MPs who took the initiative to ask for an inquiry
  3. Geoffrey Dickens MP named paedo Sir Peter Hayman in 1981
  4. handed the dossier to Lord Brittan that has gone ‘missing’
  5. and threatened to name eight paedophiles
  6. the call for a National Inquiry
  7. Meg Munn MP as a former Social Worker trusts the Police to investigate, chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Child Protection and believes that their recommendations are ‘enough’
  8. Tim Loughton MP as a former Children Minister who wrote us those ‘everything is hunky dory’ fob off letters, even…

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