The Hampstead Case – The Facts.

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

In just over a minute on video, these facts are stated:

  1. The father Ricky Dearman accused by his two children was never arrested or cautioned.
  2. No forensic enquiries of extensive searches were ever made.
  3. No examination of tattoos and distinguishing marks of the accused were made.
  4. The Police failed to arrest or question any of the alleged abusers.
  5. David Cameron PM has been linked to the Hampstead Case.
  6. The allegations made by the children were not referred to the Child Abuse Investigation Team.
  7. A Family High Court Judge cleared a man without a criminal investigation.

I say it for newcomers in ‘bullet language': the ‘Hampstead Scandal’ is about

  • 2 ‘whistleblower kids’ who were taken into ‘care’ after they reported sexual ritual abuse to the Police in September 2014
  • 18 other children are victims
  • of 70+ abusers
  • in 8 schools and a church.

The secrecy of UK family courts is used to cover-up criminal activities and the abusers are doing their best to cover-up and stifle internet activities, too.

  • Two activists have been arrested, charged and tried.
  • The grandparents have been blackmailed into confirming the judgement that ‘dismissed Satanic cult claims’ – they travelled in vein from Russia, expecting to see their grandchildren for their grandson’s 9th birthday.
  • The mother, her partner and Sabine McNeill who had helped her as ‘lay legal advisor’ for 3 months, have fled the UK jurisdiction after threat of imprisonment for ‘contempt of court’ and for fear of arrest for ‘harassing’ the alleged abusers.

The High Court Judge claimed in her judgement that some 4 million people on the internet would have seen the videos in which the children give testimony of their experiences.

We now hope that these 4 million people come forward and

o   A Global Vigil on July 15 – the ‘care proceedings’ hearing

o   Healing Survivors of Sexual, Ritual and Satanic Abuse

o   Empowerment Mondays as street protests

o   Any event that contributes to raising awareness of abuse victims, whistleblowers and the general denial of these realities.

  • Generally spread the word and heal our world!!!

Originally posted on Matt Taylor for Brighton Kemptown 2015:

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Originally posted on the enigma channel:

British author Chris Everard investigates the POLICE PAGAN ASSOCIATION and the evidence which proves that Pagans have sacrificed humans – and that this ritual has influenced Freemsonry…

Well here’s the short answer: yes, the British police invest tax payers’ money in running the POLICE PAGAN ASSOCIATION which has its own official website and is based in Hemel Hempstead.  It is an association for officers who are Druids, Wiccans, Shamans and related religions – in fact, it says that Paganism is the “7th largest religion” in Britain…

It is logical to expect that the British police would be potentially irrational and biased if a whistleblower made allegations against Pagans, Druids and Freemasons.  It is also logical to assume that any police officer who ridicules and disbelieves a witness who has been harmed by a pagan-type witch cult, and who professes ignorance of the existence of such cults, is possibly lying - as the POLICE PAGAN ASSOCIATION has a government-funded website and members from all over the British police forces.It is logical to expect that the British police would be potentially irrational and biased if a whistleblower made allegations against Pagans, Druids and Freemasons. It is also logical to assume that any police officer who ridicules and disbelieves a witness who has been harmed by a pagan-type witch cult, and who professes ignorance of the existence of such cults, is possibly lying –…

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Chris Everard Reveals David Cameron’s Connection to Exorcism and ‘Satanic Orgies’

Originally posted on the enigma channel:

David Cameron’s father-in-law, Lord Astor, owns the Cliveden estate. This aristocratic stately home has been the venue for alleged satanic orgies – the allegation was made by Christine Keeler, who has been referred to in the blogosphere as a ‘call girl’ and sometimes a high society ‘prostitute’ – however, she was only 19 years old when taken to sexy parties at Cliveden, and has been the subject of many over-turgid tabloid press reports in the years which have followed the infamous PROFUMO AFFAIR which saw here bedding a government minister and a Russian official in the same time frame...

In addition to the alleged ‘Black Magic’ orgies which blogs about Keeler’s biography claim, many odd and paranormal events have happened at Cliveden.


A top catholic exorcist called Dom Robert Petit-Pierre was called into Cliveden and asked to dispel a very horrid set of demonic entities which allegedly had taken up…

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Originally posted on the enigma channel:

David Cameron's family earned the equivalent of £3m from slavery David Cameron’s family earned the equivalent of £3m from slavery

Apart from earning bonuses and salaries at HSBC and in the City of London, David Cameron’s real family wealth – which was equivalent to £3m today was earned from SLAVERY in the 1800s. This remarkable fact has been ascertained after months of research which reveal that several British government ministers, and a couple of Prime Ministers were handed the equivalent of millions of pounds when the abolishment of slavey was announced…

Yes, the man who has vowed to abolish HUMAN RIGHTS in Britain, and has appointed his old Oxford Uni chum, Michael Gove, to destroy the UK Human Rights Act, has been revealed to come from a family who exploited men, women, children and elderly citizens of Jamaica.  Mr David Cameron’s family have SLAVE OWNERS in their heritage – and this is confirmed by academics at a British university who have reviewed…

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Satanic Ritual Abuse Among the Elite

Originally posted on the enigma channel:

During the 1980s and 90s a moral panic about alleged satanic ritual abuse occurred, mainly in parts of the English speaking world. This was propagated by certain psychotherapists, social workers, Christian fundamentalists and law enforcement officials. Some of the cases ended in prosecution and imprisonment. Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States have had several incidents of alleged ritual abuse, which received national and international news coverage. Other countries have also had isolated events in which abuse or murder took place with satanic ritual elements, including Argentina and Brazil.

A list of documented allegations  of satanic ritual abuse is available HERE.

Allegations of pedophilia and ritual abuse, child stealing and child trafficking are  common amongst the highest members of our society. The Catholic Church, the Royal Family, President Bush, Clinton, UK Prime Minister Cameron, Judges, Law Workers, Social Workers, Police, Child Protection Agencies, Medical Practitioners, Teachers and high…

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EMERGENCY APPEAL to the good and smart internet community labelled ‘evil and/or foolish’ by High Court Judge #Pauffley #whistleblowerkids

Dear WordPress Engineers

I just saw to my great horror that has been closed down. Please allow me to explain the background so that you REVIEW your decision asap. For there will be two hearings on July 15 and 23 to hand two children to their abusive father rather than back to their mother with whom they always lived or their grandparents in Russia.

I am reminded of the first ‘gagging order’ I got from Swansea Council when I first published information about children being taken by local Councils in the UK. That’s when WP closed my most popular website since. I have had such gags from two other councils and I asked at the time whether WP would remain supportive and open, since you are based outside the UK.  [Just in case you don’t believe me, here is this 2 min video that I’ve seen since:]

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COMING to LIGHT and PRELUDE to a NEW ERA: Music Composed for #whistleblowerkids #Victims of #Satanic #Elite #RitualAbuse #HumanSacrifice

‘Internet miracles’ are new kinds of gems that I have come to cherish ever since I started web publishing in 2004. One of the sites I set up was the New Era Network – a real beacon of light.

The fact that I started an online petition to Return the Whistleblower Kids to their Russian Family seems to have had repercussions that I will never know about. Even less so since I have been advised to close the blog that I started to provide context for the worst of all child snatching cases:

  • 2 child witnesses and 18 other child victims and abuse survivors
  • 70+ abusers
  • 8 schools and a church in the Hampstead and Highgate area.

Hence it became known as the Hampstead Scandal. Belinda McKenzie lives in Highgate and has been helping soo many people and cases, including recording many videos about this case. Now she has been rewarded and acknowledged – with music dedicated to her (and me)!

But first the Dutch composer dedicated his music to Ella, her children, partner and grandparents and wrote this remarkable preface with fabulous links:

Alexander Comitas

Prelude to a New Era

Version for Wind Orchestra


I personally believe that we are currently in the midst of a global transformation process, whereby all hidden things are gradually ‘coming to light’. The information now available by the so-called ‘alternative media’ on the internet is of great help in this process. Continue reading

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