#McKenzieFriend observes: #secret #familycourt system is out of control; we remain victims of callous abuses of power

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

Waking up time: victims & survivors must become activists, campaigners and McKenzie Friends to dispel the institutionalised hypocrisy and legalised ‘authority’ of criminals.

Originally posted on Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy:

Subject: Re: F (A child) B4/2015/0711 URGENT

14 11 15 snatch artworkSent: 23 Apr 2015 13:22 by a very experienced McKenzie Friend:

It appears clear from this order and from other orders I have seen produced by Lord Justice Ryder that he has now taken on the mantle previously adopted by Lord Justice Thorpe in his capacity as senior Lord Justice in Family Court Appeals in blocking and obstructing meritorious appeals which are of embarrassment to the judicial system.

Once anyone has made a number of applications in the same matter, however justified and meritorious, the senior Courts are quick to declare the applicant to be a vexatious litigant and to allege, generally dishonestly, that subsequent applications submitted are ‘wholly’ or as in this case ‘totally without merit’ thereby ‘justifying’ the determination that ‘the applicant may not request the decision to be reconsidered at an oral hearing’.

Since April 99 with Lord Justice Thorpe

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AFTER #BBC on Radio 4 and the Victoria Derbyshire program: where do the #WhistleblowerKids go?

Angela and I were both interviewed by Melanie Abbott for Radio 4. “The Report” is supposed to be broadcast tomorrow, Thursday at 8pm. I was very angry after the interview, before I realised the reasons: biased questions pushing THEIR agenda – just like the 33 points by the producer Eleanor Plowden of the Victoria Derbyshire program that interviewed the father. Hence I shall withdraw my ‘implicit consent’.

Here are the key points discussed with Neelu, another victim of the case, as she had to spend a weekend in a prison cell: Continue reading

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#WhistleblowerKids #Pauffley #BBC: Britain’s reputation plummets to the disgrace of us all?

Child SnatcherThis is a fabulous assessment of a ‘lamentable situation’ – a comment on the blog specialising on the whistleblower kids.

The particular post was in response to 33 points that the BBC [Producer of Victoria Derbyshire program Eleanor Plowden] wanted to address – starting from a completely biased viewpoint – the High Court judgement that dismissed satanic cult allegations made by two children against their father and his 70 odd associates. 

The children detail the satanic abuse of 20 children by some 70 adults in 8 schools and a church in the Hampstead and Highgate area in London: 

  • two children in ‘care’ of Barnet Council since 11 September 2014, separated from their Russian mother with whom they lived all their lives
  • mother, her partner and myself in exile since 11 February – for threat of imprisonment by Barnet Police
  • a judgement dismissing claims of satanic cult
  • a US and a UK campaigner arrested on 04.04.15 and kept in Police cell over a weekend
  • the cover-up of cover-ups by mainstream media now includes the BBC – with the Victoria Derbyshire program and tomorrow April 23, Radio 4, at 8pm with The Report
  • 18 children at risk of abuse and an unknown number of babies at risk of being killed
  • all alleged abusers with detailed distinguishing marks never investigated.

Here’s Tim Veater’s comment: “It is prudent to remain sceptical about any claim by a child, particularly if it borders on the unbelievable or extreme. By the same token, it should never be dismissed out of hand. Indeed the rule is to believe unless or until it is proved otherwise. Almost as extraordinary as the children’s reports is the claim by Pauffrey that it all resulted from coaching by two ‘evil’ individuals (mother and step-father) in a period of about three months, yet she asks us to believe her, presumably as being more credible! The assertion this was achieved by ‘torture’ without evidence is not only flawed jurisprudence it is ‘over egging the mix’. Continue reading

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SO MANY SIMILAR stories from so many similar survivors of #SatanicRitualAbuse #SRA: letting the world know that it’s true

Originally posted on We Who Oppose Deception:

IN THE NAME OF SATAN is the title of these three videos that confirm the testimonies of the Whistleblower Kids.

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Why the hell hasn’t Greville Janner been arrested yet?

Originally posted on thecolemanexperience:

janner and cherieAbsoulute filth

In September 2014, we wrote a post about child-raping filth Greville Janner.

Quite unbelievably , despite witness statements from many boys, the CPS are still fucking dithering about whether or not to arrest him.

Hoping he’ll ‘die‘ like his pal Leon Brittan are they?

Or catch a plane back to his homeland in Israel?

Israeli PassportJanner and GellerLeon Brittan Old

Pull your fingers out you complicit scum.

Here’s the post in question

” Jewish peer, Greville Janner, is one of the most repulsive, twisted, slimy, pieces of paedophilic filth, walking the earth today.

As chairman of Britain’s Holocaust Educational Trust, Janner has spent a lifetime ‘hunting down’ Nazis, allegedly accused of war crimes during WWII, and has often vowed to target them even if they’re elderly, frail or suffering from serious illness.

Janner filthJanner and CameronChristian Dave 5

So when the tables are turned on child-raping Janner, we should be just as resilient in ensuring that he doesn’t escape justice either…

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Matt’s Manifesto – Paedophiles in Parliament.

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

Just in case you want to vote ‘ethically’…

Originally posted on Matt Taylor for Brighton Kemptown 2015:

paedophiles in parliament key facts

paedophiles in parliament

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ECONOMIC costs of Child Sexual Abuse #CSA

Anne Longfield
Children’s Commissioner for England
The Office of the Children’s Commissioner
Sanctuary Buildings
20 Great Smith Street
London SW1P 3BT                                                                                                      14th April 2015

Dear Ms Longfield,


I am involved in investigating child sexual abuse linked to politicians at Westminster.  This letter should be read in conjunction with the attachments listed below.

I am writing to you because I have not, to date, come across any official statistics which quantify the financial cost of child sexual abuse to the national economy. This would seem to be a serious gap in the research data related to child sexual abuse. According to one on-line source(1) child sexual abuse affects a significant number of children under the age of sixteen, I quote the site below:

“Approx 1 in 30 children (aged under 16 years old) in the UK have been sexually abused by an adult aged over 16 years old (Note: The NSPCC quote figures of 1 in 20, but that includes child versus child sexual abuse).  Continue reading

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