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Humanity, It’s Time To Rise. When Injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

Originally posted on We Who Oppose Deception:

For some reason it can’t be shared the way YouTube does it.

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@JeremyCorbyn @CabinetOfficeUK #Victims & #Survivors Unite! Break #ChildSexualAbuse #CSA Cycles

Nine minutes of very moving passion delivering facts to join the dots between scandals such as

  • Foster Homes
  • VIP abuse
  • Forced Adoption
  • Hollie Greig
  • Dolphin Square
  • BBC
  • Elite crimes…

The result of 25 years of campaigning by Russell Burton – not dissimilar to

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Originally posted on VICTIMS OF THE STATE:

1 July 2015.

Peter was arrested on the 1 December 2014 at a Yorkshire court on allegedly dubious charges and has been on remand in custody ever since, in HMP Hull.

A few of the latest developments in the case against Peter is described within his update below, and the background to Peter’s actions can be found via the link 
and on the site:
Much is explained as to the background of the Grandma B case in this 2012 radio interview with Peter here:
The magazine “Private Eye” has run many articles under the heading “Rotten Boroughs” about the allegedly dubious goings-on enacted by the Yorkshire Police and those connected – as referenced on the Grandma B site.
video: The arrest of…

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Now VIP abuse murder probe is on the brink of collapse: Scotland Yard won’t say it believes key witness’s claims

Originally posted on VICTIMS OF THE STATE:

Internal probe launched into running of £1m OperationMidland inquiry  

  • Scotland Yard will notsay publicly that it still believes witness account

  • Police plan to outline a new approach to the case as early as next week

  • Met suggests for the firsttime that future of operation could be in doubt

A police inquiry into alleged murders by VIP paedophiles is in crisis as officers are no longer prepared to say that the key witness is ‘credible and true’.

An internal investigation has been launched into the running of the £1million Operation Midland inquiry after police found no evidence that a string of senior Establishment figures were responsible for killing three boys in the 1970s and 1980s.

In an extraordinary volte-face, Scotland Yard will not now say…

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@ITVNews Investigation launched into new claims of #PoliceCorruption linked to child sex #CSA #PaedoUK #ChildSnatchUK #PaedoBritain

Sacrifice of a Christian Child

Sacrifice of a Christian Child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let us expand on this excellent article by ITV News with the title

How many more Boroughs and Councils do we need to uncover and expose?

Who follows whom: how come UK Police display the same pattern as investigated by a Royal Commission into New South Wales Police in Australia in their 5 volumes?

  1. Corruption
  2. Reform
  3. Appendices
  4. Paedophilia
  5. Satanic Ritual Abuse

How many more Police Officers get promoted because they helped in exactly the manner described in this ITV article:

  • Suppressing evidence;
  • Hindering or halting investigations;
  • Covering up the offences because of the involvement of members of parliament and police officers?

How many more ‘senior officers and lawyers’ are telling Police what to do and what not to do?

How many constables will become fall guys for Elite child abuse?

Why does the number of children snatched keep growing?

Who needs somebody else’s children for what purposes?

Why doesn’t everybody scream it from the roof tops?

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@dailyexpressuk #Victims #Survivors #Whistleblowers Unite: Tell Your Story to Poisoned Pilot #LenLawrence

Originally posted on Len Lawrence - Poisoned Air Pilot:

UNITE HERE UNITE HERE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Subject: Tell me your story

Dear Friends

As some of you are aware I have spent many years gathering evidence and data to try and understand the mechanisms used to move me from a position of relative stability, home owner, professional pilot, family man to a shell of a person medicated until I lost capacity and all of the things I held dearest whilst under the guardianship of the Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts.

I have now gathered enough support and expertise to be able to tell my story.  Critical to the impact of my story is the wider public understanding that my case is not a one off that can be easily brushed aside as an anomaly or bad luck.  The mechanisms to destroy the lifestyle of any member of our society exist within the UK Courts, Health and Social systems.

Which is…

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